A WMMQ listener who worked with the parents of Chris Miranda, the 17 year old Holt High School football player who was killed in a car wreck Tuesday night, asked me to pass this along:

My friend says "the Miranda's are some of the finest people you could hope to meet. Hard-working Cuban immigrants who LOVE their adopted country. Chris and his buddies were, and are, everything you would ever want your own teenage boy to ever be, all fine young men with bright futures."

A fund was set up for the family to pay funeral expenses and help with travel expenses for family members coming to the services.  The quotes below come from that page:

"His parents are at a loss of words, they are coping the best they can, and they haven't had the chance to get back to each and every one of you but please know that we are all so grateful. We need any prayer, any amount of strength to get through this. Thank you to the Holt community for doing this for us. God bless."
"The memorial service for Chris will be held on Saturday, August 2nd, from 5 PM to 8 PM at Palmer, Bush, & Jensen in Holt. In the name of the Miranda & Oliva family we greatly appreciate the tremendous amount of support. God bless. Always."

And on behalf of the family, "... they are overwhelmed by all the prayers and support from family, friends, community, coworkers and people who they have never met"

"It's a nightmare no one should ever experience", is what my WMMQ friend also said.  It makes me think, too, of the high school classmates I lost in similar such wrecks so many years ago - just teenagers driving around on a summer night.

If you'd like to contribute to the family of Chris Miranda, here's the link: