Whenever I describe this car, I always say it's like a rocket. Or when I drive it, I feel like I am in my own Star Wars X-Wing. So, I recently started calling it "Rocket."

I got the car almost 2 years ago from my cousin Laura for 500 bucks. 2 years, 500 bucks. She bought it brand new from a Lansing dealer and I was it's second owner.

When I went to pick it up, her dog got out leading to a neighborhood cornering of the little bitch. The dog not my cousin! Her husband Mike said, "The brakes were locked up but they should be good now." They were.

The first day I drove it in to work, I sat in the driveway for about 5 minutes before I figured out how to turn the lights on. I parked and a co-worker said "you have no taillights." A bulb later and they worked.

A friend once heard me say "I don't have a radio in my car" and quickly hooked me up with a sweet stereo I just took out.

It never had a flat. It never broke down. The muffler rattled like hell. The door was about to fall off and barely shut. I had to use an old windshield wiper blade to prop the trunk latch up so it would close. It had a sun burnt teal camo look but it got me everywhere I needed to go for 2 years.

This is a tribute to the American automobile. I once heard it said, Chevrolet produced these cars for around a thousand dollars. The 1999 Cavalier is still running 16 years later. I have a Ford Focus to continue my adventures in. But just like the ladies who have had the privilege, I will never forget the Pants Rocket! HEY!

Joey Pants pics

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