With this year's extreme weather, the potholes are especially bad this year. Where's the worst one you've encountered so far this season? I keep hitting one on Saginaw in Lansing, just west of TV6, in the far right lane -- I know I've hit worse, but that one keeps sneaking up on me!

Let us know where you're finding the worst potholes in Greater Lansing.

You can report potholes on state roads here.  And to report a pothole in Ingham County, click here for the Road Commission contact info, including phone number.

To hopefully avoid expensive damage, AAA suggests keeping your tires properly inflated and not braking as you hit one, just try to keep rolling through it once you've begun the plunge.

Here are a couple of tips for navigating potholes:

  • Roll through. Rolling through the pothole is better than braking rapidly.
  • Inflate tires properly. Over inflated and under inflated tires increase risk of tire and wheel damage.