I will never forget getting my Nintendo. When I was a kid, my family got an Atari and being the youngest... I rarely got a chance to play it. When I got the Nintendo, it was all mine. Although, I played my share of Duck Hunt with my brother.

Super Mario Brothers was awesome. Double Dribble, Blades of Steel and Super Tecmo Bowl were the greatest sports games ever at the time. I stayed up night after night playing Mike Tyson's Punchout!

Today, the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic will be back on the shelves possibly for the final time at Best Buy. There are only a limited number available. Nintendo has discontinued the Classic system and this is the final shipment. Click here to read more. 

I found one at a garage sale a few years ago. I played it for a few days and got rid of it the next year. The nostalgia wears off fast and the video games of today are far superior.