Jayne Mansfield in a bikini... Classic.

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The new Sports Illustrated will be coming out soon and it won't be just skinny girls who could use a steak. This year will also feature plus sized models and 56 year-old Nicola Griffin. It's sure to get a glowing, positive response from EVERYONE on the internet. You and I know, there will be some jerk who hasn't seen the outdoors all year complaining about it.

I think it's awesome little girls will have people they can relate to instead of the usual skin and bones. I like em thick and think Ashley Graham is smoking hot. Also, it gives ladies in their 40's and 50's hope they could rock a bikini like that. Nicola is the oldest model EVER in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Click here to see some pics.

All the usual models are way to young for me anyway. It's hard to believe but Nicola said the first time she ever wore a two piece bikini, was for the photo shoot. It may not be for everyone but you have to wonder how it will sell?