One year ago, I found myself in a position I never expected to be in. I was drawn for a Michigan "any" elk tag. The following month, I was wandering some property in the Gaylord area where I came across this old blue chair. It looked as if it was purposely set against the tree for some particular reason. But what was it? Deer hunting or just for quiet reflection in this beautiful wooded area of northern Michigan.

Whatever the reason, I never really found out. Some days, I think back to that old blue chair, sitting in the woods all alone. Sometimes I am sitting there on a cool fall day, watching leaves hit the ground. Others, I am sitting there waiting for a big bull elk to bugle his call into the early morning mist.

Although my elk didn't come from that particular piece of property, I can still relive the time I spent there and wonder who else has enjoyed the "old blue chair."