I thought this was awesome and worth the share. It's too bad the Red Wings didn't make this video available on other platforms so it could be shared more effectively but whatever. They need clicks too.

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It's the farewell season of Joe Louis Arena. The Wings have played there since 1979. The new arena won't have such a Detroit name. It will be Little Caesars Arena. I think it's should be called the Howe and Y Hockeytown Center, in honor of Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman.

If you have never seen a game there, it is amazing and worth it to go just once. The Howe and Y will have gondola seating but will take a few years to develop the personality of Joe Louis Arena. The unclever, uncreative name will take a few years to sink in too. My guess it will be like Pine Knob, where Michiganders will refer to it as "the New Joe."