Fortune Magazine has thrown down the worst jobs of 2016. It looks like it's a BAD time to be a disc jockey or broadcaster... Lucky we have the internet to fall back on. Click here to check out the story but I'll break it down.

Firefighter came in at number 10. Risking their lives for about 46 grand a year.

Taxi Driver was #9 making about 23 grand a year.

Enlisted Military Personnel was the 5th worst. They only make about 28 grand. It's a sad day when about 6 of these other jobs pay more.

Disc Jockey was the #4 spot. Making under 30 grand a year (I WISH!)

Courtesy of the Beanie One

Broadcaster was the #3 worst job. They rake in about 37 grand per year.

The #1 worst job for 2016 was Newspaper Reporter.