I always sleep better after a huge heroin bust. The stuff is a killer and I have already lost one friend to an overdose. I had to speak at his funeral on the dangers of drugs. It was easily one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It's still difficult when I look into his daughter's eyes. I always say, heroin is the most dangerous street drug because so few people survive the spell it puts you under. I watched the movie RUSH with Greg Allman and it scared me away from the junk forever. It's something I don't need to try because I value this whole living thing.

We found my friend on the side of the road in Detroit. Detroit and Oakland County had a huge heroin raid this morning. The reporter said the dealers are so young, she referred to them as kids. Click here for more info or check out the video below.

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Heroin should be the top priority for drug enforcement. Painkiller addiction is the leading cause of heroin abuse. Once the pills stop, they find their high with this dangerous drug. In some places is is cheaper to get heroin than the painkillers. People used to call Marijuana the gateway drug. It's pretty clear to me, painkiller abuse is rampant and even if you close the gate to Marijuana, junkies will find another way in.

Talk to your kids and look for the signs. Ignoring the problem is no longer an option. Here are the top 10 signs of drug use and addiction. 

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