Well, we've made it more than halfway through November with above normal temperatures and no snow accumulations. But, how long will that last? Opinions in the meteorological world are vastly different.

What everybody does agree on is that the warm temperatures are coming to a screeching halt beginning...now, basically. Temperatures will fall into highs in the 30's by Saturday. And, there is a storm that will pass through Michigan on Saturday.

The National Weather Service forecast for Lansing through the weekend says that there is the overall likelihood of snow Saturday, but has not yet committed to any accumulation amounts on Saturday.

The Weather Channel forecast for Lansing predicts snow to begin late Friday and a total of 4-8 inches of accumulation through Saturday night.

Accuweather.com is forecasting weekend snow totals of 3 to 6 inches for Mid-Michigan.

The Meteorologist for mlive.com, Mark Torregrossa, seems to think that ground temperatures and warmer than normal water temperatures in Lake Michigan will keep snow from accumulating in Lower Michigan, but adds that may change the farther north you go, and as the system gets closer.

WILX Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole's Wednesday morning forecast falls in line with Torregrossa's belief...yes, there will be snow, but ground temps will keep us from seeing any accumulations outside of the possibility of some slush. He even mentioned and downplayed some of the snowfall total predictions.

So, I see it as anybody's guess is as good as the next, but I will tend to lean on the local guys' opinions. In other words, let's expect the worst, and hope for the best!