Today, the Trailer Park Boys 8th season was released on Netflix. If you haven't seen the show, it's a show about the Sunnyvale trailer park in Nova Scotia, Canada. It looks like a reality show but is far from it. The series ended in 2008 but has grown in popularity thanks to social media and Netflix.

The cast of characters is Julian, who always has a rum and coke in hand. Bubbles, the cat loving, shopping cart stealing GREEN BASTARD. Ricky, the genius idiot who has a whole Facebook page dedicated to sayings he get's wrong. Jim Lahey is the drunk trailer park supervisor with his drunk, cheeseburger eating, shirtless assistant Randy. The episode "Closer to the Heart" features the band Rush and the gang kidnapping Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson. It is far and away my favorite episode outside of "Conky".

Click here to see the "Best of Conky"

Click here to see some foul mouthed Ricky moments.

Also, the boys are bringing their live show to Kalamazoo in December. Click here for those details. 

My favorite Trailer Park Boys moment was when Ricky was trying to get sent back to jail and was vandalizing a liquor store. Bubbles tried to distract him by saying: Holy S--- boys! Look at that, dope flavored rum!"

Ricky says: "Dope flavored rum, where?"

It'll be a crazy liquor and cheeseburger party at my house this weekend binge watching the new season.

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