As Michiganders, we have one of two choices: bitch for five months about winter (like me) or find ways to enjoy Mother Nature's cruelty. One Muskegon County resident decided to find a little joy in his big boy winter toy. According to, the 49-year-old man was seen by Michigan State Police troopers racing his snowmobile at a high rate of speed Wednesday night on the football field of Muskegon Oakridge High School. When police tried to stop the man, you guessed it, he refused and a chase ensued. Troopers found the snowmobile without its operator a short distance away as the operator apparently fled on foot. It wasn't much of a challenge for troopers to find the man hiding behind a garage. After all, if you're riding a snowmobile, chances are you're going to leave a trail behind on sled or foot. Not surprisingly, police believe that the man indulged in some bottled joy before the spin on his sled. The rider was arrested for fleeing and eluding.