Meteorologists are still calling for an increased risk of severe weather for Lansing today. As a warm front moves through the region today, followed by a cold front this evening and overnight, dangerous weather remains a possibility. According to the National Weather Service, the Hazardous Weather Outlook, updated this morning at 4:30 AM, calls for the main threat to be damaging winds accompanying today's storms. Large hail and isolated tornadoes remain a possibility. But, the biggest point to note is the geographical description cited by NWS: the greatest risk for severe thunderstorms is from near I-96 and south. This puts Lansing and Jackson right in the line of fire.

In all likelihood, we will experience strong storms, with heavy rain. Localized flooding is a possibility. and, high winds are expected to continue into Friday as the cold front passes through overnight. Large hail and isolated tornadoes do remain a threat, but the chances have been downgraded a bit. The Weather Channel's Dr. Greg Forbes' Tor-Con number is 3 for  South Michigan, meaning he gives our region a 30 percent chance of seeing a tornado during the storm period. This is down from a Tor-Con 5 cited by Forbes Wednesday night.