This really breaks my heart. Soldiers who fought for this country having their graves vandalized. More than likely, it's some punk teenagers who can't handle their alcohol. Either way, they are looking for the perps who damaged a cemetery in Flat Rock, Michigan. Click here to get more of the story. 

The Flat Rock Historical Society posted on their Facebook page:

It is a sad day in Flat Rock, when the Vreeland Cemetery was found to be vandalized this past week. One of the earliest cemeteries in the Flat Rock area, the Vreeland Cemetery was the original resting place of Michael Vreeland, a Revolutionary Patriot, his sons and their families. The remains of Michael Vreeland were moved by a relative to Oakwood Cemetery a few years ago, but many of Vreeland's family members remain at rest in the Vreeland Cemetery. Some of Vreeland's sons served in the War of 1812 and Indian conflicts so they too deserve the respect that this Memorial Day holiday brings to mind.

This cemetery underwent major restoration in 2014 with the city funding the repair all of the broken stones. It has been kept up by volunteers, especially Ron Klingel who goes over and above to keep the cemetery grass cut. The cemetery is near the bike path at western edge of Huroc Park. The damage was discovered by park visitors and reported to the Flat Rock Police Department. All of the stones that had been meticulously repaired a few years ago are again in pieces. If you have any information on who might have vandalized this cemetery, please contact Officer Murphy of the Flat Rock Police Department. Click here to see the post and pictures.

Courtesy of Flat Rock Historical Society