You may have seen a few yard signs around Ingham County showing support for an upcoming vote on a millage proposal that would fund an expansion of the Ingham County Animal Shelter and its staffing. You may remember when we first told you that the proposal would be on the ballot for Ingham County voters on Tuesday, August 2. But, you may have forgotten amongst the wild summer weather that Election Day is mere days away.

Earlier today, Deb Hart told us about the Ingham County Animal Shelter having a capacity issue, and offering 75 percent discounts on dog and puppy adoptions. As an animal lover, I'm still reminded each year, right around this time, how much of an issue shelter overcrowding is as hundreds and hundreds of firework-spooked pooches seek silence, and in the process lose their way from home. In my heart, I believe that there are some irresponsible dog parents in the world, but that most owners go to any possible extreme to locate their fur babies.

Some of these worried pet parents probably find obstacles in the form of shelter officials being limited by available hours due to understaffing and hour restrictions. Finding space for all of the animals lost, scared, forgotten, or abandoned is always going to be a challenge that's not relegated to just Ingham County. But, voters have a chance to make a huge difference by voting yes and supporting the millage proposal. Two available clerks to serve a busy line of 20 parents or potential adopters is unacceptable, in my mind. So is an outdated, overcrowded 45-year-old facility, especially when you look at the low cost being asked of taxpayers.

If the millage proposal is approved, the 10-year tax increase would fund a reported $6.8 million project ( Staffing would be dramatically increased; a new shelter would be built.

Here are the numbers:

An owner of a property with a $75,000 taxable value would pay around $26 annually in additional property taxes.

Monthly = $2.17.

Daily = $.08 (...I just realized there is not a cents sign on a keyboard...).

In other words, if we all collect one bottle deposit per day, we could make a huge difference for pet owners and those pets waiting for somebody...maybe give them a fair shake at a happy, loving life.