I always give Joey grief on the air for stereotyping my brother and nephews from Canada as having beards, wearing plaid flannel shirts and knit caps and wielding axes.

Yes, they do all have beards. And apparently none of them would have been offended had they heard him describe his vision that comes to mind when the talk turns to our northern neighbors. The 'Canuck' beer and the plaid blanket was among the many Canadian-specific treats they brought us (which also included maple syrup, some lovely wines and a lot more beer).

As my Midland family began to leave our wedding reception Saturday night, it became a spectator sport to watch my sister trying to round up her passengers for the ride home. She was the designated driver. I texted her to ask how the ride home from Mason to Midland went with a van full of drunk people, my mom and my 11 year old nephew. She replied with this, which her friend sent her while my sister was waiting in St. Louis for a group pit stop.