Considering the fact that I often shop for groceries every couple of days, you may see me ambling around the Pennsylvania Meijer or if I'm in a pinch, the Holt Kroger. That said, I'm also running around at 100 MPH, doing it!

Tuesday, I had the good fortune to meet a gentleman by the name of Mr. Shunk. That's S-H-U-N-K. I make sure I spell it our as not to confuse him with his AWESOME HAT! 86 degrees outside and the man is wearing a skunk fur hat, in the middle of the produce section! He was very gracious in allowing me to take his picture and use it for this post.

What I failed to originally notice was the tattoo on his right forearm. It appears to be a seal wearing a navy "dixie cup" hat. If that is the case, I missed my opportunity to thank him for his service. If you see Mr. Shunk ahead of me, please give him a handshake and a big "Thank You" from me and I will be sure to do the same, the next time I see that AWESOME hat in town.