Like a bug to a headlight, I am drawn to the soft red glow of the Chick-fil-A sign. Sadly, that cannot happen in Michigan! Let me take that back, I do believe there is one on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester.

On a trip to Alabama last year, I was introduced to the one fast food place that I could eat at literally every day! Starving and getting ready for my flight back to Michigan from Birmingham, AL, I ordered the most amazing chicken and biscuit sandwich. Now, it's a Clark Griswold-esque quest to locate my next location!

This year, my Chick-fil-A stops have included Indianapolis, Indiana, and North and South Carolina. I would have added Minnesota to that list but I missed my chance at the Minneapolis airport as my shuttle flew past that location. At least I know now that there is one there.

Now the question is: "Where and what, is your favorite out-of-state fare?"