As a kid in the 70's and 80's, video games endured a metamorphosis much like computers and cell phones are going through today, only at a slower pace. During that time, I have five favorite games that ate quarters as fast as I could earn them.

1) Space Invaders - The early version of this game was the first screen game that I remember wasting weekends playing at Spartan Lanes on the north side of Lansing

2) Sea Wolf - Aladdin's Castle in the Lansing Mall

3) Spy Hunter - A James Bond-esque game that had the mad bomber, dropping bombs from the sky while you avoided land mines on the road.

4) Joust - Another favorite at the bowling alley or one of my many trips to Mark's Arc

5) Galaga - Probably the only game that I can still find and play with any consistency.

What were some of your favorite video games when you were growing up?