These are pics of my friend Mike's adventures this past Saturday morning near Potterville - hey, great weekend fun!

And these pictures I took last night from the exit off WB 496 onto Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing; the same potholes that I called the (outsourced) City of Lansing Pothole Hotline (517-483-4161) to report TWO WEEKS AGO. They must be pretty busy.

Our pal Stan, who used to work for the city, says that Federal mandate requires that such safety issues be repaired within 24 hours of report. So, help me with the math here...

And if you have significant free time and a lot of patience, haven't experienced the nine circles of hell yet, here's a link to MDOT should you want to attempt to try to get reimbursed for damage to your vehicle from a pothole on a state road. Yea. Lemme know how that goes.