There are few activities I like more than being outdoors....VERY FEW! On Monday September 1st, Michigan waterfowler's were treated to an early teal season along with the early season of Canada goose. This is the first time in nearly fifty years that the season has been implemented, giving us the opportunity to hunt a bird that is usually gone before the typical October duck opener. The season goes until Sunday, September 7th, and allows hunters to harvest 5 per day.,4570,7-153-10363_10859-332932--,00.html

Waterfowl hunting offers opportunities other forms of hunting do not. There's no real need to be quiet and you can sometimes sit outside of the blind and walk around while waiting for geese to come into view. Since your usually hunting near water, the opportunities for a little "cast & blast" may present themselves. So bring your fishing gear if things get a little slow and there are fish in the water you're hunting.

But the greatest part of hunting is just being outdoors! Being with friends and loved one's to share the experiences of watching other wildlife. Like the black capped chickadee that came about a half-inch from my face as it flew through the blind. The countless wood ducks (my favorite species) that came in and out of the swamp, knowing that we would have our shot at them come October. Put that together with the sights and sounds of nature waking up to a new day and you have what I love so very much. My version of Michigan!

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