We're starting a brand new feature today on Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ. Away goes the Six O'Clock Triple Shot, and in comes the WMMQ Class Reunion. Each weekday at 5:00PM Nick Chase will feature a set of music from one of the great years of Classic Rock lore.

It only seems fitting to kick off the feature with the year that Classic Rock was born...right here in Lansing...1985! Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers dispatched Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX 38-16. Pete Rose became baseball's all-time hits leader with his 4,192nd hit on September 11, 1985. America was introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the comic strip duo of Calvin and Hobbes. The silver screen gave us motion picture classics like Steven Spielberg's family science fiction classic "Back To The Future", while Sylvester Stallone was having a good year in his own rights, releasing both "Rambo: First Blood Part II" and "Rocky IV".

Meanwhile, it was a fascinating year in Rock 'n' Roll history. 1985 saw the unbelieveable USA For Africa collaboration of "We are The World". Bob Geldof put together a charity concert on two continents called "Live Aid". Many rock acts were venturing to the soft rock side of things, like Foreigner with their smash hit "I want To Know What Love Is". But, Dire Straits released their most successful LP, while maintaining their blues-rock roots, Brothers In Arms. The extracted single, "Money For Nothing" would wind up the number 8 song on Billboard's Hot 100 singles of 1985. Wham! and "Careless Whisper" was number one.

Tonight, tune in at 5:00PM to enjoy 5 songs from 1985, hand-picked by Nick. Don Henley and John Fogerty show off their solo skills; Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers introduce the world to their new project, while Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty both release albums paying homage to their home and heritage.