Yesterday morning Joey and I were talking about how the term "Yoopers" is officially going into the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary after someone spent a dozen years lobbying to make it happen. MLive has the whole story here.

This led to a discussion about 'Stormy Kromer' hats -- I was dumbly unaware 1) that's what the flappy-tie hats are called and 2) that they are made in Ironwood, Michigan and 3) the Stormy Kromers are wildly popular!

I LOVE hats -- I can't believe I totally missed out on the Stormy Kromers until now!

WMMQ listener Terry Egerer sent this pic of her friends from Junior High who still get together from all over Michigan to watch Detroit Tigers games.  Terry entered a 'Win Stormy Kromers for Your Group' essay contest and told them how Stormys would keep them all warm at the Spring and Fall baseball games when it's a bit chilly in Michigan -- they won their hats! They bought the 'D' pins at the Tigers' gift shop and added those during the game - she said everybody and their brother at the game tried to buy their hats off 'em!  Thanks for the great story and picture, Terry!

Photo Courtesy of Terry Egerer, Second from Right