The Midwest is getting a winter blast and we need to stay safe

Living in South West Michigan has some wonderful perks in the winter season! When the snow comes down, I start to think of all the joys that the winter months have to offer...

  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Building a Snowman
  • And all the other fun things you can do outside in the winter!

With all the great times we have in the winter, it is easy to forget just how dangerous the cold months can be. Mlive just reported that a 40-year-old man from Bangor was killed earlier this week when he became trapped under the bucket of a piece of heavy machinery he was using to move snow.

The tragedy reminds us that we need to remember safety first at all times. Here are other dangers this season has to offer. and reported on the dangers of winter...

1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: To protect oneself against poisoning, a carbon monoxide detector can be installed in the home. 

2. Fire: According to the Home Safety Council, in January and February fires caused by heating systems surpass cooking fires as the main cause of house fires.
3. Burns: When a home is heated using a wood or coal stove, burns can be another serious health risk during the winter months.
4. Your Snow Shovel: The emergency rooms fill up with heart attack victims due to snow shoveling. If you're not up to the task, hire someone to help you, or buy a snow blower.
5. Icicles and Ice: Frozen icicles from roofs and buildings are dangerous especially in the city. Sidewalks may not always be marked with beware of falling ice signs.
6. Ice Thickness: Ice thickness can vary. It needs to be several inches thick to support people.
7. Frostbite and Hypothermia:  Make sure you layer up and cover up.
Frostbite occurs when skin is exposed.
8. Slipping In Ice: It's the top reason people end up in the emergency room with everything from broken ankles to busted teeth. Here's a tip: salt works best in sunshine. 
9. Never accept a 'Triple Dog Dare' to see if your tongue will stick to a pole: We all learned from the movie 'Christmas Story' that wet skin sticks to metal. 
10. Snowy, Icy Roads: Be prepared that four-wheel-drive vehicle certainly comes in handy when it's time to power over the snowbank at the end of your driveway, but it won't help you stop any faster on the ice.
Enjoy all the fun winter can bring, but remember to be safe!

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