Welcome to Hell. A wonderful small town in Michigan that celebrated the 6th of June, 2006 like it was the end. that was 6-6-6. There is a website called gotohellmi.com. There they offer many Hellish options like: Getting married in Hell. Going to the Hell Hole Bar. Plus, Hell is home to Damnation University. Here are the 13 reasons to run away to Hell!

After you go to Hell, might as well head to Christmas, Michigan in the U.P. Population: 400. The town started when a Munising man started selling Christmas trinkets on the roadside. During the winter months it becomes an actual Christmas wonderland.

Whenever I see Bad Axe, I think Bad Ass! The bad axe name makes sense because of Michigan's logging history. I want to make fun of them but this looks like an amazing place to live, up in the thumb.

Another place I can't believe isn't a bigger tour destination is Vulcan, Michigan. If you are on Facebook you can click here to see some of the things to do in Vulcan. Giving green blood is not one of them. No Phaser repair. No Rock 'Em Spock 'Em Bar.

Did you know there is a Gay, Michigan? There you can visit the Gay Bar! 

South of Chelsea, you will find Podunk, Michigan. It's not the only place n Michigan known as Podunk.

Paradise, Jugville, Temperance and White Pigeon are a few other favorites.

Nothing beats Climax! NOTHING