Last night, we were getting ready to go to bed and I asked my wife to check my account to see if I had enough in there to make a "SUPER SALE PURCHASE!"

She said, "Yeah, where did all this money come from?" Then she started moving it to different accounts.

"Can I have 10 left in the account please?" I asked.

"I'll leave you 20." She replied with her smart ass smile.

We looked it up and sure enough. The Federal Government made a donation to the Pants cause... Our stimulus check had been cashed!

She was right, though. I would have spent it all last night. We plan to pay off some credit cards AGAIN with likely all of that money. So, I won't get to roll naked in any of it!

The U.S. Treasury says about 70 percent of the checks have been sent out. Not everyone was so lucky.

According to this story, some checks were deposited in the wrong accounts due to "IRS errors."

Some people won't get a stimulus check until they file their 2020 taxes. They say about 20 million people will be affected by this. So, send me all of your bank routing information and I'll be happy to check it for you :) I am kidding.

Now, some people still believe a 2 thousand dollar check will arrive. I have a feeling that will happen before too long too. Happy Stimulus. Go America!

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