The serious story is this: 20 year-old Julian R. Mitchell was busted around Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday night for using a credit card that wasn't his at a bar. When they asked him for his ID, he looked NOTHING like the dude in the picture and didn't match the height and weight. It was "plainly obvious" he did NOT resemble the person he was trying to impersonate. Apparently, he got Rainbow Brite's ID.

Courtesy: Metro police
Courtesy: Metro police

The WORST part about this is, he had a FANNY PACK!!! They searched his fanny pack and found this other dudes stuff and busted Rainbow Brite. Click here for the full story. 

If you or you know someone who wears a fanny pack... Please consider finding them help or a mirror so they can see how stupid they look. Fanny Packs are the devil and will never be cool. If you are a young man... Wearing a fanny pack denies your man card 5 years.

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