This year has been full of its ups and downs. So many things have happened because of the pandemic. We've gone from fighting over the last pack of toilet paper to buying bottles of hand sanitizer and trying to sell them online for an insane amount of money. Why not try to find the light in this situation and add those memories to your Christmas tree this year?

As a kid, one of my favorite things was decorating the Christmas tree with my family. Everyone has their favorite ornaments they like to hang themselves. Some people like to buy ornaments that represent something that happened that year. You can still do that this year, the ornaments will just have a different theme.

Here's some 2020 themed ornaments to add to your tree this year..

2020 Themed Christmas Ornaments


When life hands you trash, turn it into a dumpster fire Christmas ornament. Said no one ever. But hey, you have to admit, these ornaments are pretty creative.

Have you ever wondered how decorating Christmas trees became a thing? According to, we started decorating Christmas trees in the 16th century in Germany. Back then, ornaments weren't a thing. So we used apples and later added in wafers, flowers, stars and other shapes. There's a few different thoughts on how ornaments came into play. One of them being, that a glassblower couldn't afford to decorate his tree with apples, so he made glass apples instead.

Have you bought a 2020 themed Christmas ornament? Download our app and send us a picture!

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