A 22 year old Grand Ledge woman and her friend reportedly waded into Lake Superior around 3:00 Saturday afternoon off Little Presque Isle, near Marquette, heading for a rock.

The women struggled in the strong current and big waves. One woman made it to the rock, but her friend was having a difficult time, so she went back in the water to help her. They both struggled, which prompted a 24 year old man to jump in the water to try to help them. Bystanders on the beach donned life jackets and went out to help them. They saved one woman, but the 22 year old from Grand Ledge and the 24 year old man drowned.

The 24 year old man who perished was reportedly there with friends for his bachelor party. He was supposed to get married this Saturday.

The two bodies were recovered Saturday evening. Identities have not yet been released.