This Saturday is the rivalry game between Michigan State and the University of Michigan. East Lansing will be swamped with fans rooting for the Wolverines and the Spartans. Thinks could get hairy this weekend, here are three phone numbers that Michigan fans should have handy in the event of an emergency.

I've enjoyed this rivalry since I moved to Lansing in 1996. I had zero college allegiance until I moved to the area and it sprouted for the Spartans from there. I'm a Spartan fan, I'm also a Spartan fan that doesn't hate on U of M. I've been to the games, the tailgates and the bars throughout the past 27 years for this rivalry. When mass alcohol consumption takes place, combined with the love that fans have for their teams, behavior can go awry and there are some phone numbers you need to know.

3 Phone Numbers For Michigan Fans That Have Too Much Fun In East Lansing

Are you brave enough to answer the phone if Chuck Norris calls? Pic courtesy of Getty Images
Pic courtesy of Getty Images

Bail Bonds

If you end up getting arrested, you might need bail money.

Sly Bail Bonds - (517) 802-8208

Felicia Pajofff via Google:

Great guy, speedy and friendly service. Highly recommend.


Your car got towed, where do you find it?

Unfortunately my car has been towed before. I have friends that have had their cars towed as well. Each time the cars were towed they were done by an East Lansing staple.

H&H Mobil Towing, Fuels & Service - 1500 Haslett Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823, call them at (517) 332-6335.

Bill & Sue McLeod via Google:

Local people you can trust. Years of experience, H&H business was build on their excellence reputation, honesty and dependability.


In the event of an emergency, always call 911

No matter who you are rooting for, always call 911 if there is an emergency. Our first responders in East Lansing will care for you no matter what. Leave the maize & blue on, our first responders might be fans of Michigan too.

Please enjoy yourself this weekend in East Lansing. If you are rooting for Michigan, I wish you well. If you're rooting for MSU, let's hope that the Spartans show up to Spartan Stadium. In the end, I hope for an instant classic football game that goes down to the wire. Have a good time and be safe.

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