A few weeks ago in Fowlerville, I attended the benefit at VFW hall for Hunter Hath. I had never met Hunter or his dad. I walked in and Jason Hath, Hunters dad, welcomed me and thanked me for promoting the benefit for his child. Hunter is fighting a Wilms tumor which is cancer of the kidney. He said "Hunter listens to you all the time!" I thought he was just being nice but was grateful. Hunter was AWESOME! His dad said he is eating good, despite the chemotherapy and the boy is a fighter. I had a blast meeting Hunter and made him smile a few times while I was there and he made me brim from ear to ear.

I can tell you, families with a little one fighting cancer need all the help they can get. When we had our benefit for my niece last year, I got high off all the love and support. It is an experience I will NEVER forget. I will be forever indebted to the people who helped us out. You never want to be the family asking for help but some people can't wait to help and need a call to action. The craziest thing to me when we did our benefit was who was giving what. People who I KNEW didn't have a lot, giving what they could. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep because it was so moving to me. People who don't even know the child doing all they could. It's quite beautiful. It's the silver lining on the s--t cloud. Most families who have a child fighting a life threatening disease are torn apart and over 50% of these marriages end in divorce.

To help Hunter, click here for the Facebook page.

Or come to the benefit tomorrow in Howell at the American Legion Devereaux Post 141 on M-59. 3265 West Grand River, Howell, Michigan 48855. Click here for the directions.

It starts at 4pm. Every donation helps.

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