Paul Stanley turns 66 tomorrow! Another Iconic American Voice.

Getty Images
Getty Images

This brought me so much happiness last week. I am fairly certain this could make even the biggest Kiss fans say, "O.K. Paul. That is enough."

Some person dedicated way too much time to piecing this together... and his name is Christopher Armes. Christopher pulled all the non music parts out of Kiss concerts to catch some of Paul's legendary crowd working skills.

Paul's accent changes, depending on what part of the world he is in. I made a drinking game to it. Anytime Paul yells, "Listen," People" or any SCREAMING OF THE LAST WORD, you have to drink. You'll never make the end of the tape.

Some call it "the funniest thing I have ever heard on soundcloud."

I think it's better than the dry audio of David Lee Roth singing "Running with the Devil."



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