All of us were supposed to learn Michigan History (and I assume geography) back in the day.  LakeVille Community Schools in Otisville (my old stomping grounds) dedicated an entire class in middle school to Michigan History.  Admittedly, learning 83 county names & locations didn't hold up in my brain over time, either.

Here are the 5 Michigan Counties most Michiganders will struggle to pronounce and locate.

1. Gogebic.  Think "Go-guh-ee-BICK." Remember it's a "Guh" not Gee" sound. This county is in the U.P.  The tip of the "rabbit's nose" about as far west as you can go in Michigan, on land.

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2. Keweenaw.  Not pronounced "Kiwi-naw." Think "Kee-When-AW." You'll find Keweenaw located at the tip of the "rabbit's ear" in the U.P.  This is the least populated county in Michigan.  Considering it juts out into Lake Superior where it's colder year-round than most other places in the Mitten, you can see why.

3. Charlevoix.  "Shar-Luh-Voy" is a couple of counties north of Traverse City in the Lower Peninsula.  If you can get there, you'll enjoy great skiing and beautiful fall colors a couple weeks earlier than the rest of us "Downstate."

4. Mecosta County.  "MEH-cost-UH" is home to Big Rapids, MI.  The county is referred to as the "Gateway to the North."  There's "11 Mile, 12 Mile, 13 Mile" roads up there, too.  Don't get those confused with the Detroit "Mile Roads."  Not the same thing.

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5. Missaukee County.  A couple of ticks to the north and east of Mecosta, you'll find "Miss-Aw-Key."  Home to Lake City... or if that doesn't help, close to Cadillac!  Much of the county is beautiful farm land and a handful of wind turbines.

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