Coronavirus swabs are sure to be in our future. I talked to a doctor friend of mine who said pretty soon, we will all have a roll of tests we take before we leave home. It's a saliva test and it will tell yo within 45 minutes whether or not you have the virus. The NBA is currently testing the process. Click here to see that. We'll swab our mouth, then the test will tell us if we have the virus and have to stay home. Seems like this is the way to crush the virus within a month but it will take full compliance. That will not happen here in America.

Channel 7 in Detroit decided to start swabbing Michigan. They went around with 50 swabs and started swabbing random areas around Detroit and Grand Rapids to see if the cities is crawling with the virus. They tested ATM's, public bathrooms and 2 Detroit restaurants. Out of 50 tests, 3 came back positive. 2 of them were outside where, it was thought sunlight would kill the virus. One was a shopping cart sitting outside in Wayne County. The other 2 positive tests were from Grand Rapids. A gas station door handle and a parking garage elevator. The idea that the virus could live under sunlight is pretty freaky but only 3 out of 50 is a positive sign.

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