The NFL Draft was pretty amazing this year. Live in Philly, the fans turned out like I have never seen. EVERY SINGLE TIME NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took the stage he was booed loudly.

It's pretty easy to see, former Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson is a motivational speaker. He had me laughing out loud as he trolled the Philadelphia crowd, live on stage. He said the Commissioner told him to say what he said. Click here to see the highlights.

The losers of the draft were the Cincinnati Bengals. The NFL is all against abusing women. So, the Bengals drafted a guy who was caught on video punching a female and broke 4 bones in her face. He isn't even the worst Bengal. My wife watched the video and stuck up for the player saying, the female incited the action. You never hit a woman...


You should never draft a player who did either. Stay classy, Cincinnati. Hopefully the player makes the most of his second chance. Maybe he'll do more than visit an abuse shelter.

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