In Delhi Township, just a bit south of Lansing, is a quaint small town called Holt Michigan. The city’s population is just over 26000. Holt has a few nicknames, the 517, the Holt Rams, and the 48842. The radio stations I work for are located in Holt. So, over the years I have spent a lot of time in this cool tiny town. Here are 7 things you probably did not know about Holt Michigan:

  • Visitors to the exceptionally large Holt High School call it the Taj-Ma-Holt.
  • More than likely you are a Michigan State Fan, which is right in Holt’s backyard. And you may even know some season ticket holders.
  • The annual Holt Hometown Festival is always a fun event. Featuring parades, reunions, beer tents, festival rides, music, food, and fireworks. The people of Holt know how to have an enjoyable time!
  • You find yourself not sure if you are to call this road M-99, Eaton Rapids Road, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, or Logan Street.
  • When motoring around Holt the only roads you need to know to get around are Cedar Street, Aurelius Road, Willoughby Street and Holt Road. They will take you anywhere you want to go in Holt.
  • In Holt, when it snows, they expect to get their streets plowed last. Most have a friendly neighbor with a plow who helps people out of their driveways. And Holt schools are the last to call off school due to winter weather. Holt residents know how to deal with winter.
  • If you grew up in Holt, more than likely your parents grew up in Holt, your Grandparents grew up in Holt, and you are raising your family in Holt.

Holt Michigan stands for the best of Michigan. Their residents have a profound sense of love and pride for their community that beats all odds and is one of a kind compared to any other community in Michigan. For Home towners being a Holt Ram is deep in their soul, and they are enormously proud to call this place home.

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