For many of you who have been in Lansing far longer than I have, you probably already know a lot about the Lansing River Trail. However, here are some interesting facts any newcomer like me should know!

I love a good trail and one like the Lansing River Trail that has so much variety and so much to see is incredible to me and the more I learn about it, the more I want to go.

Here are some awesome facts about the trail I have just recently learned myself from the trail's website that may have you saying "huh, I didn't know THAT!"

1. Stretching all the way from Waverly Road to Old Town, the Lansing River Trail is over paved trail with a variety of landscapes like parks, nature and even downtown. It comes in at over 20 miles of paved trail.

2. It all started in 1976 after the purchase and transformation of 27 "parcels" of industrial and warehouse properties along the river. We now know it as Riverfront Park.

3. The first section of "RiverTrail" opened up in 1975 and after lots of work, the Riverwalk was designated as a National Recreation Trail by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 1981.

4. In 1985, they switched up the route to the Red Cedar River where the Potter Park and Zoo Master Plan allowed it to be incorporated as well.

5. Yes, the Potter Park Zoo is now a stop along the trail along with many other activities.

6. Newer connected trails like Sycamore Trail and South Lansing Pathway grew the Lansing-area trail system significantly so Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails was born from the original group, Friends of the Lansing River Trail in an effort to enjoy and maintain the trails in our lovely home of Lansing.

7. We mentioned "other activities" (see #5) and kayaking is one of them! There are multiple kayak-drop locations along the Lansing River Trail.

8. Birding is also common along the trail, so common there are even organized bird walks. Lansing River Trail says birds people often see include: "red-winged blackbirds, creepers, wood ducks, herons, hawks and bald eagles..."

9. You can basically make an entire day out of walking, biking, or whatever your chosen mode of transport is on the Lansing River Trail. Between downtown, REO Town, all the parks and other various activities, there is so much fun to be had!

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