When visiting a gas station, you'd probably expect a few conveniences. Things like snacks, over-the-counter medicines, and beer. But, a bowling alley? That would be quite a surprise.

As it turns out, a gas station in Clarkston, MI has just that. And much more.

I came across a Tiktok from the user @cheezymane13 that showed a brief walkthrough of Alex's Gourmet Market and Bistro. The fact that this place is a gas station is pretty much secondary to everything else they offer. All in all, their three-story building offers:

  • Taproom Bistro with 101 beers on tap
  • Beer, wine, and liquor for sale
  • A cafe that serves sweet treats, coffee, cold-pressed juices, and more
  • A 24-hour deli
  • A 4-lane bowling alley
  • Virtual reality games
  • A golf simulator

Yes, all of that is within one singular gas station. Check out the video from @cheezymane13 for a quick inside look at this place:

Here's a better view that shows the incredible size of their market:

Alex's Gourmet Market is family-owned and, according to their website, began as a tribute to,

our beloved son and brother, Alex Nannoshi, who passed away in a snowmobile accident on Cass Lake at the age of 14.

Their logo is a capitalized "A" topped with a halo. A beautiful tribute to the memory of a lost loved one.

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Founded in 2007, the family has opened two locations: Clarkston and Holly. Both of which offer 24-hour carryout from their deli. However, if you're headed to the gas station to enjoy their bowling, taproom, and virtual reality games...you'll have to visit the Clarkston location.

Read more about this...gas station doesn't even feel like the right word....this all-in-one entertainment complex (is that better?) on their website. Or, follow them on Facebook.

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