My first birthday as a father didn't go so well. Thanks for all the wishes but going to see the doctor on your birthday is NEVER fun. A few antibiotics the size of a taco later and I am feeling much better.

I told Deb when I left today, "I want to do yard work but also need to rest." She thought the rest was a good idea. So, naturally I tried doing some yard work.

She got me the "Sound City" documentary for my birthday and I planned on watching that. Something called me outside. After a few digs of the shovel I saw something fly. Then looked closer. I was surrounded by Morel mushrooms. Now, they may not be perfectly ripe but I have never found one Morel, let alone this many. They will be a gift to Deb's "Honey." Last year, he made me eggs with Morel's for breakfast. I wasn't the biggest fan but it goes to show, whatever you give comes back to you times 10. Happy Hunting.

From the Pants stash
From the Pants stash

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