We have tried a few times to go out and get away from the house. First, an open house. We didn't stay long, we were tho only ones wearing masks. Then, the beach for the 4th of July. It felt like Jaws without a shark. Being around people right now gives us anxiety. We don't want to lose our daughter to this so, we wear masks, social distance and KNOW we are one of the last to still be doing it.

Nature centers are wonderful for getting away. If you are looking for complete seclusion, like no one will hear them scream seclusion... Disc golf courses are a well kept secret. They don't have a lot of people there. They offer a great glimpse of nature and a lot of walking trails. Some offer some great shade and trees which are wonderful on these hot and humid days.

From the Pants Stash

The disc golf park we go to has softball fields and soccer fields. Our daughter loves doing it all. It gets her out, gets her some fresh air and exercise. She still isn't sleeping through the night but it gives us some family time in nature without having to worry about running into a bunch of people. Most of the courses in our area have very few people there.

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