A few weeks ago a veteran friend of mine told me he spotted a fake soldier and started asking questions. This mans story wasn't adding up. So my veteran buddy reported him to stolenvalor.com. For one reason or another, this happens a lot and it takes a soldier to call out these fakes. He said it has happened more than once. It happened this weekend in Pennsylvania. A man dressed as a soldier was spotted by 26 year-old Army Sergeant Ryan Berk. Berk earned a Purple Heart in 2010 for the shrapnel wound he received in Afghanistan. So, Berk confronted the soldier and got video of the conversation. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING!

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Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick saw the video, and is now calling for a Federal investigation into whether this man violated the “Stolen Valor” law.

That law, signed by President Obama last year, makes it a criminal offense to pose as a recipient of any of a litany of military honors (including the Combat Infantryman Badge) in order to obtain some form of monetary, property, or tangible benefit. While wearing the uniform is not illegal, attempting to get military discounts by posing as a recipient of not one, but three Combat Infantryman Badges would definitely qualify "Sean" for imprisonment and/or fine.

This is so disrespectful to the many men and women who have bravely fought for us. It's a sacred trust being violated. I felt the anger in Ryan's voice when he said "I've had friends get killed in Afghanistan wearing that f----g uniform!" I got why he was so pissed. He payed his price to wear that uniform.

Ryan is clearly a Patriotic American Soldier. I am proud he still wants to fight for us.

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