So, Duran and I were talking at shift change this afternoon, and somehow ended up reminiscing about the good ol' days in the Capital City. We were talking about hearing damage, concerts, awesome venues...Van Andel Arena came up. It's such an awesome venue for concerts, mainly because of its actual arena setting...not the now typical stadium seating indoors. I mentioned the old Lansing Civic Center. I never saw concerts there, just The World of Wheels Custom Auto Show!!! Duran, however, saw some AWESOME shows there. So awesome, I could hardly believe that the shows actually happened here in Lansing. I mean, nowadays, people just show up wherever somebody famous shows up. (See Kevin Costner at Common Ground...and the other re-tread, watered down garbage they've given us 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So, I Googled the Civic Center...check out all of the awesome information archived online for yourself here!! I found links like this one talking about shows at the old Metro Arena on the Westside, Rush played there AND at the old Northside Drive-In in '74!! Here are links to actual setlists from Silver Dollar Saloon and the Civic Center. Obviously, some of the lists are incomplete. I know specifically Bob Seger played The Dollar back in the day.

Oh, the good days gone by. Maybe, just maybe, somebody will actually find a way to have GOOD live music back in town. Chat about some of the shows you've seen come through over the years...

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