I have been doing the show at home since March. We have only ventured out in public a few times as a family. It usually ends with my wife and I arguing and us returning home shortly after leaving. It's more the actions of others that give us anxiety.

I got a bit of anxiety watching this video from the 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. While some of it was awesome, seeing all that freedom, living like pre-COVID... It gave me some serious anxiety. It looks AWESOME but I am glad I am not there. WARNING: Some nudity in the video. Some of the guys were too busy gawking at the bikes to notice.

Did anyone else notice that chick had a whip and was whipping herself? Just seeing the food sitting out made my stomach hurt.

This video is why we won't be sending our daughter to school this year. Some people take off the mask as soon as they aren't being watched. Keeping a mask on these preschool kids I bet even scares the teachers. I think it's a matter of days before the Governor closes Michigan schools for Fall and Winter.

Not everyone believes COVID is real. In South Dakota, people are saying "it's like COVID doesn't exist here."

Over half the town did not want the rally to take place this year.

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