Last year I was so sad to have to work at my retail job on the 4th of July and miss out on all of the festivities between both mine and Jordan's families.

This year, though, we did it up in what I can only call "true Mossolle style."

I've mentioned it on-air and I'll say it here, my family knows how to party and the fourth is the time where there are literal (and figurative) fireworks!

What made this year even more special was to be able to kick off the weekend with Jordan and his family and our friends that mean the world to us!

Starting out at Vineyard Lake in the Brooklyn area on Friday was a great way to "pregame" for what was to come Saturday.

On the actual Fourth, we "get to getting" early in the morning making sure to have all of the food, drinks and fun planned out for the whole day and just get everything around and ready.

It is a day full of sun, swimming and definitely fun.

We started off in the pool waiting for our company, friends who have been confirmed to be healthy through various appointments they've had recently, etc. to arrive.

Once the gang was all there, we of course had our own little photo shoot and then took to the lake!

Lake LeAnn is already a completely different animal when it comes to local, inland lakes but it's definitely even more different on the Fourth of July.

We danced, we jumped off and swam, I lost my sunglasses, we snacked and just enjoyed each other's company.

The night of the Fourth we packed onto the boat again, after sunset, to get out for my favorite tradition of every summer...The fireworks over the water.

I know our lake isn't the only one to do it, but they might as well be in my heart!

All in all it was an incredible weekend and I have the sunburn and bruises to prove it, all in the name of a fun celebration.

Here are some photos if you want to see how to have your own "Mossolle-style" parties!

Mossolle Fourth of July

I hope everyone had an awesome Fourth and that the fun continues into the rest of the summer!

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