My wife told me this was a powerful video and I finally got to see it today. She was right, like always. It made me feel like "do I need to be a jerk all of the time?" (You will need to login to Facebook to see this video) Any issues seeing the video, click here.

I am sure it's not a true story but most great stories and inventions come from mistakes. Many people think the homeless are just lazy. The truth is, many of our homeless in America are former soldiers. For some, PTSD hasn't been properly treated or diagnosed. I live with PTSD and it's always an adventure. I have a strong support system around me and some don't have that luxury. You have no idea what made them homeless and we shouldn't speculate. Our job is not to judge and look down, it's to treat others as we would want to be treated. I am NOT talking about the guys at roads asking for handouts. I am talking about the people Mike Karl tries to help everyday.

Mike's story is amazing and he is even more of an amazing person. He goes around Lansing trying to help the homeless and has many success stories. Ignoring the problem isn't going to make it go away. Get more info on Mike Karl and the Homeless Angles by clicking here.

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