I remember my first visit to Frankenmuth and Bronner’s Christmas store, I was totally blown away. Never in my life have I seen that much Christmas packed into one place. Every ornament category you are interested in, you will find. And lot’s more than just ornaments. Bronner’s calls itself the “World’s Largest Christmas Store,” and once you walk inside this 7.35-acre Christmas paradise, you will whole heartedly agree. Bronner’s is designed with an Alpine architecture, and it is 100% Christmas inside, set on 27 acres (about half the area of The Vatican) outside. They are open year-round, and most anytime of the year you visit, it will be packed.

This unique Michigan destination was created in 1945. It will take you quite a long visit to experience all the Christmas packed into the wonderland. And before you leave Frankenmuth, the tradition is to enjoy a chicken dinner at Zehnder's Restaurant, you should not have a problem getting in, since they have 9 dining rooms and can accommodate 1500 diners at one time. It is an awesome chicken dinner too. Christmas is just around the corner, take the family for a visit to Bronner's Christmas Store, you will be amazed every time you visit. Here is a tour of Bronner’s from my last visit. Enjoy the views!

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