Each week, we have the Capital Area Humane Society in to the radio station to chat about animals that are available for adoption. I am one thousand percent behind the mission of the C.A.H.S. and the mission is this:

To promote the humane treatment of companion animals through protection, placement, education, and example.

I have worked with the C.A.H.S. for 20+ years. I have emceed numerous events to help raise money to fund their mission. I have adopted from the C.A.H.S. We are lucky to have a wonderful humane society right here in mid Michigan.

They have two annual in person fundraisers each year. The C.A.H.S. hosts their largest fundraiser in the spring, The Fur Ball. The C.A.H.S. also hosts the Walk for Animals in the fall. Each event is detrimental to the mission. Throughout the year, there are other ways to raise money to support the mission of the C.A.H.S.

How does adoption work? It starts with you looking into what pets they might have available for adoption, click here to see them. Then, pay a visit to the C.A.H.S. to meet your potential new four legged family member. Take time in doing this. Make sure that the pet is a good fit for you, your family and anyone else who might be in close contact with your new buddy.

If the pet you want to adopt is a good fit for you, and you're a good fit for them, you can look forward to adopting your new pet and taking them home. When you adopt from the C.A.H.S., "home means hope". It's a true statment. There are adoption fees, a very minimal cost. The pets are also spayed or neutered and come with their shots.

How about these impressive numbers. So far in 2022, 4785 pets have been spayed/neutered (The C.A.H.S. spay and neuter clinic is on Cedar St. in Lansing), 2640 pets have been adopted with a 97% pets placed rate. Not too shabby.

I am considering adopting the puppy we had in this week. I have done my research and am eager to take my family to the C.A.H.S. to see if he's a good fit for us.

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