The 16 main coasters at Cedar Point have been thrilling guests for over 400 years combined.

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When it comes to roller coasters, Cedar Point is one of the leaders in the world for thrills. Roller coaster enthusiasts come from all over the world to ride these monsters at "America's Roller Coast." While Cedar Point is always adding new experiences, rides, and more, you may forget how long some of these roller coasters have been around.

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When it comes to the newest roller coaster in the park, Steel Vengeance has been taking visitors for a ride for the last four years. On the flip side, the oldest coaster in the park, Blue Streak, is coming up on 60 years of operation. That is a hell of a run. If you add up the years of service from these 16 coasters it equals out to 464 years of thrills.

For the list below, we stuck to the main 16 roller coasters throughout Cedar Point. Rides that were cut from the list were things like maXair, Skyhawk, WindSeeker, and Pipe Scream. The first few because they are not technically roller coasters and Pipe Scream, because I just don't feel it is worthy to be called a coaster.

This is where the speculation begins for many of us. While Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Gemini, and more have been in operation for decades, you have to wonder when Cedar Point will retire them.

My friends and I all have different opinions on what could happen in the future at Cedar Point. Personally, I think the next big change will be the removal of Top Thrill Dragster, Iron Dragon, and Rougarou. Why? Because I just don't see the Dragster ever opening again and if that goes, I think the best move would be to take out the other two with it since they are both pretty intertwined in the same area. That would open up prime real estate for a new coaster or two.

After that, I think Blue Streak will be out the door next. I catch hell for having this thought since it is the oldest coaster in the park, but I just feel that Cedar Point will take it out to add something new at the front of the park. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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