If you've ever driven around the Lansing area, you've seen the hand made signs offering "Cheap Credit Repair" or stating that "Bob Buys Cheap Houses!" As usual, I just laugh as I pass and wonder who is behind the poorly made corrugated plastic signs, laden with almost childlike Sharpie scribblings.

It wasn't until recently that I was smacked by that sledgehammer to the forehead realization that someone may actually call the numbers that they carry!

Common sense dictates two things: 1) You probably shouldn't be driving with a suspended license, hence, eliminating any sort of paranoia to go with it. And for the record, I know from experience. Although it was unknown to me at the time many years ago, I was driving on suspended ops and was made aware by the nice officer that pulled me over for speeding and subsequently took me to jail. No speeding ticket was issued. I think he felt the embarrassment over my parking ticket mishap was enough.

2) Even if you were someone who would knowing ly risk arrest for driving with suspended op's, wouldn't you find a crudely made sign a little suspicious? Have we not seen enough police stings on TV to know that the free Superbowl tickets or big screen TV you thought you won, were actually just a free ride to jail?

So if you are driving "suspended and paranoid" and have indeed called the number, please let me know the outcome. Sorry, we cannot answer "calls from prison" if they show up on our caller ID!

Trust Issues

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