If you ever travel to Colon, Michigan. You may run into some Amish folk. They are pretty easy to spot shunning technology and what. Now, if you are stranded in Colon and who hasn't been? You can get around town with their Amish Uber. It is not officially associated with Uber.

An Amish dude named Timothy Hochstedler, this is not the name I had in my head, has started his Amish Uber service. There is no app. Your app is your hand. You wave it at him on his travels through town and he'll give you a ride if he isn't already in service, for 5 bucks.

Timothy is counting on the appeal of his horse to lure people in claiming it has a lot more character than a car. Plus, he claims his horse loves people and could even give you a kiss. Click here to check out the original article.  

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